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Karp Associates, Inc. is known for manufacturing high quality access doors. Karp was founded in 1956 in Maspeth, Queens where it is currently located. Karp boasts of three robotic systems called "cells". This robotic system makes the doors 4 to 5 times faster. This means customers can get the best quality door with the quickest availability. Karp maintains a complete stock at all times of almost every door available.

Williams Brothers

Williams Brothers Corporation of America is located in Front Royal, Virginia. The company was founded in 1991. Williams Brothers carries just about every access door imaginable, including special use and security access doors along with commercial roof and floor hatches and residential basement doors. Their doors are tested and approved by UL and Warnock Hersey. Williams Brothers boasts the heaviest and strongest grade of steel used in the industry.

Babcock Davis

Babcock Davis has been providing high quality access doors since 1909. They were purchased by Cierra Products in 2001 and have merged to be called Babcock Davis. Babcock Davis is a trusted name in the commercial construction industry. They provide roof hatches, smoke vents, access doors, floor doors, stair treads and nosings, entrance flooring systems and wallwear. They boast the phrase "Always right there", as they work with architects and general contractors for a quality product with hassle-free fulfillment getting the right product to the right place as the right time.


Acudor has been manufacturing access doors and roof hatches for over 25 years. They are located in Fairfield, New Jersey and have an additional warehouse in Nevada. Acudoor provides a wide array of Access doors including fire rated, recessed, duct, security and custom access doors. Acudor is constantly innovating new products and is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a fire rated access door for the wall with drywall installed into the door panel to provide a concealed look in drywall wall application. Additional associated divisions with Acudor include Nelson Architectural Metals, Nelson Storage Products, and Nelson Contract Manufacturing.

JL Industries

JL Industries is a division of Activar Construction Products Group. Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, JL Industries has been providing high quality fire extinguisher cabinets and access doors for over 65 years. JL boasts 8 different warehouse locations that allow most instock products to ship within 1-3 business days. This gets the products to the customer fast and projects completed faster. In the Minnesota plant they produce access panels that are equipped with the latest technology in no-VOC powder coating paint lines. They offer fire rated, stainless steel, laundry or garbage chute access doors along with a wide variety of non-rated and multi-purpose access panels.

Stealth Panels from Windlock

stealth Panels from Wind-lock are designed for commercial and residential buildings. These panels are an attractive alternative to typical access panels and are meant to blend nicely with the walls so that they access panel is not noticed at all. These panels are made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum that blends into the drywall ceiling with little notice, they are lightweight and easily textured, the panels can be used in both new and retrofit construction. These panels can be painted to match the environment. The residential models incorporate an energy-saving gasket seal that keeps attic temperatures from infiltrating the living space. Wind-lock also offers exterior  panels made of reinforced cement that can be used for exterior soffits, porte-cochere, covered drive-ups and any other location where you need discrete access and a weather-resistant panel.


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